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MARA Students Office


MARA - Majlis Amanah Rakyat or Council of Trust for The People was incorporated on March 1st 1966 under an Act of Parliament as a statutory body following the resolutions of The First Bumiputera Economic Congress. MARA is responsible to the Minister of Rural And Regional Development (KKLW) of Malaysia. Its main objective is to develop the socio-economic strength and status of Bumiputeras in the sectors of commerce and industry. To achieve this objective, MARA implements its diversified spheres of social and economic activities through two main sectors, namely Education and Training and Entrepreneur Development.

MARA carries out its major operational functions at the headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, supported by branches in the state and district offices across the country. Besides that, we have Student Offices in Washington DC, London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Jakarta, Sydney and Alexandria, Egypt.

The MARA Students Office, Washington DC was established back in November 1982 under the Malaysian Students Department, operating in the premise of the Malaysian Embassy in Massachusetts Avenue. In early 1993, the office moved to its present building, owned by MARA, named the Chancery Annex, located at 1501, 18th Street, NW, Washington DC. The office is presently managed by three home-based officers and two locally recruited staff.

MARA Washington DC is basically an extended regional office of the MARA Education Sponsorship Division, Kuala Lumpur – the division that provides financial assistance to students pursuing tertiary education locally and abroad. As its name applies, the MARA Students Office plays a role as guardians in handling the welfare of MARA scholars in the United States. We take responsibility in collaborating with the Universities’ International Students Office, the Bursar’s Office, the students ‘Academic Advisors, issuing Affidavit of Support of students to the universities, paying the students’ tuition fees and other related fees, monitoring the students’ academic performances, processing of students’ applications to change major or change universities, processing of students’ application to obtain an extension of sponsorship, arranging the students’ end of study flights to Malaysia and handling other arising issues pertaining to the students’welfare.

Presently, MARA scholars in the United States are financed and sponsored under two loan schemes - the MARA Excellent Students Scheme ( Skim Pelajar Cemerlang) and the Open Loan Scheme (Skim Pinjaman Terbuka) which allocates a budget over a 2 - 4 year study period and covers tuition fees, living allowance, books, study equipments, health insurance and air tickets.